WHY? Because you need it and you deserve it !

You are a valuable being, born onto this earth and you have the right to be happy.

It’s time to wake up! The Earth needs you to be Conscious and Aware. You are an important link in human evolution. What you do, matters. You make the difference. Whatever you do.

What are your intentions in daily Life? Do you believe in yourself?

In the veiled consciousness of the old paradigm we feel separated, without being aware of it. We think it’s normal for us to suffer. It’s normal for us not to be happy in life with our bodies, our feelings, our relationship(s), our work, our moneyflow. Our environment has conditioned us firmly in terms of what to do, what to eat, where to go and how to relate to others in life. But does this conditioning serve you?

Learning to know your Self, your Energy System and the system of Life’s Energy, your life will change dramatically. From the perspective of your Heart and Soul you will find your hidden negative beliefs and life’s purpose. Not only your life will change sensationally, your outside world will too! Because we are all connected, every step we take has an effect on our outside world as well.

That’s why you make the difference. Your intention is already creating a reality. Which reality are you creating?

Woman spreading her arms in the forest back view: balance, spirituality and nature concept

©[2018] The New Life Fundament

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