It takes 21 days to pick up a new habit and 90 days to build up a new lifestyle.

Based on this principle you learn how to ‘track’ yourself on two separate tracks that normally counteract one another in daily life.  

By building a new fundament on one track, you eventually break down the counteracting old track, which has always stopped you from doing what your really want.

By looking at your ‘problems’ from a different consciousness and because you will be starting to feel completely different, you will make quantum leaps in your growth and will be able to rid yourself of the things weighing your down.

The focus lies on the four areas of life that we have as a human being: 

  1. Health and vitality
  2. Sexuality and relations
  3. Work and finances
  4. Life Purpose

    Does this seem broad to you? Make no mistake!
    This is also a scan of your energy field.
    When you get to know your own energy, become more and more aware/conscious of yourself in relation to these areas of life.
    And through that evolution you have the choice to be exactly who you are.
    The energy flows in the direction you send it in.

The transformation

Consists of retrieving your deepest qualities, needs, talents and desires and subsequently allowing yourself to fulfill all of those desires and put them out into the world. Your YES to life.

The sobconscious, often hidden deep down, but huge, vital ‘NO’within yourself, will place itself in your way increasingly stronger and clearer.

You will start to experience, time and again, that consciously allowing exactly this specific ‘NO’ in, you achieve exactly the opposite from what you’d expect.

When you learn to listen to the hidden resistances and tensions within yourself, life immediately changes from heavy and complex in increasingly lighter and easier.

Our lifestyle is a rewrite of your old lifestyle. In 12 steps you will lay a new foundation based on your qualities, needs, talents and desires in order to live relaxed in freedom, joy and abundance, deriving from Self Love and Self Care.

How one thing goes is how everything goes and how you do one thing is how you do everything.

We create movement in the right direction and keep changing small things. But we continue to do so. And we stimulate one another. We are not alone.

The 12 steps

Besides four live seminar weeks, you will receive a monthly, impactful E-experience with life exercises. You will immediately notice that you start to view things differently and become freer in experiencing things.
The live seminars will give a warm boost to your Self Worth and Self Confidence. A boost of Love and Self Love will support you in taking your steps. Thanks to this support system, transformation is not a long and heavy process, but a feast of healing.

Live seminar weeks &

The 4 Live seminar weeks

Are a deepening of the E-experience and everything you experience at home.
Within these weeks you: experience in an intense way, find yourself in deep relaxation, learn what surrender is, start to feel, let loose, learn to allow and accept.
Your creativity is switched on, you get touched, you become soft, experience truthful contact, experience silence and true listening.
Self Empowerment, introspection, healing of the wounded child/masculinity, femininity/soul, retrieving your original happiness/joy and making a new imprint by learning to focus on your qualities, needs, talents and desires….

It all comes along. An in-depth travel within yourself. With the goal to return home within yourself.

The E-experience. In every Step:

  • Videos with theory and instructions.
  • A fun and concise E-book with theory.
  • Daily 5-minute long deep imprint meditations.
  • Monthly in-depth meditations, for enforcement of your new course and FOCUS.
  • The 12 steps elaborately described in every chapter.
  • Real life experiences from facilitators and participants.
  • ‘Touch’ exercises. Learning to receive yourself again twelve times.
  • Background information and substantiation of the NEW World.
  • A personal log book with exercises.
  • Nutritional and exercising pointers and at least 2 new recipes every month.
  • Creative exercises, that turn your own creativity (=Joy!) back on.
  • A community: We help you to get yourself into gear and are there for you!

We offer:

  • A lifestyle that makes you feel energetic, empowered, vital, free and joyful.
  • A consciousnessmodel as a ‘tool’ to liberate yourself from inner conflict.
  • A way to connect the contradictions within yourself.
  • A new basis for your qualities, needs, talents and desires.
  • A way to allow in Self Love and to let Self Care be your first priority.
  • A way to learn how to be free within the four areas of Life.
  • Insight in how you become the creator of your life.

Your input:

  • The intention to realise your dreams.
  • The willingness to take a first step towards achieving that each day.
  • Honesty towards yourself and the willingness to be transaparent to the outside world.
  • The willingness and courage to execute the steps in your daily life.
  • Meditate for 30 minutes each day to make en new imprint.
  • Working on the E-experience for 1,5 hours per week for the duration of 1 year, by yourself and focused on nothing but yourself.
  • Attending the four 5-day lessen blocks to receive deepening of the process, boosts and support.

Layout of the program and signing up

The 12 steps:

  • STEP 1: MODULE 1 VITALITY & HEALTH: What are we doing?
  • STEP 2: MODULE 1 VITALITY & HEALTH: What is energy?
  • STEP 3: MODULE 1 VITALITY & HEALTH: How does energy flow?
  • STEP 4: MODULE 2 SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIPS: How can I allow all M/F polarities & qualities within myself?
  •  STEP 5: MODULE 2 SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIPS: What are my needs?
  • STEP 6: MODULE 2 SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIPS: How do I learn to speak out?
  • STEP 7: MODULE 3 WORK & FINANCES: What do I want and how do I develop my talents?
  • STEP 8: MODULE 3 WORK & FINANCES: Focusing and removing distractions/interferences.
  • STEP 9: MODULE 3 WORK & FINANCES: Making and executing a transformation roadmap.
  • STEP 10: LIFE PURPOSE: What is your greatest desire?
  • STEP 11:  LIFE PURPOSE: What is it that you have to give to this world?
  • STAP 12: LIFE PURPOSE: Who are you?

©[2018] The New Life Fundament

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