The symbol of life symbolises two ‘time’ cycles:

One that we are familiar with: The day and night that we experience because every 12 hours the earth spins against the sun. On a macro level there is a time cycle that follows the same movement but at a much slower speed, once every +/- 26000 years. (polarisation end 2012)

The symbol of life symbolises how an Electro/Magnetic-Magnetic/Electro field known as The Life Pulse, moves across the electro/magnetic field of light, sound and unity. Or rather a 12-dimensional experience of Shape, Time and Distance within Space/Light and Mass/Gravity.


The circles are the Masculine (gold) and Feminine (silver) eternal and invariable polarities of life:

Cosmos, Earth, day and night. Consciousness and surrender. The Electro/Magnetic field.

The triangles are the Masculine (blue) and Feminine (red) transitory polarities of life: The Life Pulse. The heartbeat and the breath, birth and death, expanding and contracting, moving in the light and through the darkness. Points (laserlines) and waves, man and woman, Focus and Energy. The Electro/Magnetic-Magnetic/Electro field.


Life is the expansion and contraction of Consciousness, Surrender, Focus and Energy.


In the enlightened era humanity has a cosmic consciousness, connected with Earth. DAY.

In the obscured era humanity has an earthly consciousness, without connection to the cosmos. NIGHT.

The greatest transition that we are currently making physiologically as human beings is:

– From the human being that experiences its body as a vessel of thoughts and emotions:

I think therefore I am: Cut off from Consciousness. ‘I am alone’

– To Consciousness that experiences itself as a human being to be Energy and a transmitter of Energy: I feel therefore I am alive: Connected to ALL. ‘I am óne’

Mankind is óne Consciousness.

The enlightened human being therefore experiences itself as the creator of its own life.

Every desire creates a thought and every thought immediately creates a reality.

Everything is energy, everything is connected to everything, every act has an effect on the Whole.

The human being living with the ‘sleeping’ Consciousness of the ‘obscured’ era is literally fumbling around in the dark.

There is no connection between Consciousness and Life, or between the ‘temporary living’ heartbeat and breath.

In the ‘night’ era, cut off from Consciousness, humankind unconsciously lives from the obscurity within itself. Without Consciousness; the connection to the Eternal Light; the Cosmos or the larger Whole, humankind is aimed at destructing itself and the Earth.

Now that we have entered the ‘enlightened’ era and Consciousness wakes up within us more and more prominently, we have entered the true meaning of Plato’s Cave.

There are people who have seen the light and who have ventured outside. Back in the cave the people refuse to believe what those people are telling them. They feel safe in the dark cave because they have been there for such a long time. They may not see anything, but that is what they have been used to for as long as they’ve known. For people that are afraid, every change is unsafe. Coming from fear, light and freedom is experienced as threatening even though it concerns light and freedom.

There are people who, despite their fear and resistance, still choose to venture into the unknown, take on the adventure and cautiously dare to take steps. The more people who dare to take that step, the safer the plane of the Unknown becomes and the more people will follow.

Viewed from the bigger perspective the vibration on Earth is now comparable to the atmosphere of six o’clock in the morning: It slowly becomes lighter outside and the first early birds have woken up. Others turn to their other side and continue to sleep some more.

We can keep our eyes closed, deny the light, postpone waking up….

But the sun has already risen and will continue to shine brighter.

Eventually everyone will wake up. The day has come. The era of the enlightened consciousness.


©[2018] The New Life Fundament

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