How does it work and why?

It’s not that you become enlightened by following the 12-Step Transformational Program. The 12-Step Transformation Program ís enlightened itself, because it stems from the New World.
It’s a download Tuffie Received since 21-12-2012.

The old world, is the dorment and obscured night paradigm that lasted for 26.000 years. In this timeframe humanity experiences collectively and as individuals separation, loneliness, fear, lack, survival, lust, procreation and destruction.
In the New world, an also 26.000 years enduring time frame, the awakened, light day paradigm, we collectively live  as onefrom the vibration of connection, love, unity, abundance, beauty, sacred sexuality and growth.

When the vibration of enlightenment flows through you because you open yourself and connect to it and actively work with it,  ‘new world memory’ that’s stored in your DNA and cells start to get activated. When you feel connected in Love and your soul is touched, you feel uplifted, valuable, happy, energetic, sexual and inspired. In other words: You start to experience your TRUE Self.

At the same time, patterns within you that are still based on survival, in other words, based on the old world, will become enlightened as well and show themselves to you at the surface. Blockages and blind Spots you were never able to see before, suddenly become crystal clear. Your behaviour and intentions are put under a magnifying glass. What doesn’t serve you in Self Love will be bounced back to you by the outside world with such great intensity that you have no option but to surrender. You start making choices fór yourself, instead of against yourself.

Eventually, when you réally commit to the process of surrender to relax and are finding your focus and strength from that state of being, and when you’re réally willing to take an honest look at yourself ánd actively take action for yourself, your process will speed up. This is called ‘accelerated living’, Which means that the amount of positive experiences stack up and multiply in súch a way, that you’ll make quantum leaps in your growth and joy.

By clearly witnessing in yourself what you’re going through in the different areas of life and the amount of joy you’re in, and letting go all of what is not serving you anymore, new energy starts to anchor itself within you. You start to vibrate according to what you desire.

Do you feel motivated to change?

If you resonate with the new world, if you have a deep need for transformation ór if you as a coach feel called to work and live based on the priciples of the new world and you already know you want to join in the 12-Step Transformation Program in 2020, then reserve your place now! There’s only 15 slots for participants and 5 for coaches.

For the coaches among you, we’ll soon hand out more information in a separate news letter.


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